Video for Welcome Party – DCSE

Well, made this video (first video ever) in a hurry for welcome party that we (batch 12) had organized for batch 13, computer systems engineering department, UET Peshawar. Party was on 29th Feb. and I was working till 4AM that night.

Choosing the right soundtrack for the right sequence took most of the time. I think still the choice of soundtracks wasn’t the best.

Background music for starting intro I took from a video on YouTube. The acoustic guitar music which starts afterwards, when we’re coming in towards the camera I took from this video:

Guy is really talented. There was another cool beat I chose produced by Alam Khan of Pukhtunez but at the final moment went with the current one.

The second track starts with DCSE events & achievers, and is from the movie Top Gun. Chose this one, because I’m in love with Top Gun, its tracks and jets 😛

Third track is of Pirates of The Caribbean, pretty obvious. Software that I used for video editing is Sony Vegas Pro.

The actual video is:

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