Chip Wars: Apple Using Samsung’s Help in iPad Manufacturing

With the rise of Android smartphones and tablets, Samsung and Apple have been fighting over patents all around the world. Apple tried to block the sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab in Europe and Australia but failed to do so in most of the countries. Samsung too is suing Apple in reaction whenever they find any of their patented technology being used by Apple.

One interesting fact was unveiled last year with the release of iPad 2 which has now got much prominence after the recent release of iPad 3 few days back. Last year, techinsights team disassembled the iPad 2 and found out that the heart of Apple’s iPad, the A5 processor was actually fabricated by a Samsung fabrication plant in Texas, USA. Read more here.


A5 is a 1GHz dual-core CPU with a processor die size of 12.1 x 10.1 mm. More interestingly, the A4 processor used in first iPad was also fabricated by Samsung. Confirmed by techinsights as well!

Apple seems quite helpless in this case it seems, because no one else can produce better chips than Samsung at this time 😉


This didn’t stop with iPad 2. With the recent launch of iPad 3, iFixit soon found out that Samsung again had fabricated a few major parts of Apple’s new tablet. (BBC)

One of them is the A5x CPU (pictured below):

Another is the 9.7 inch HD screen, which too is manufactured by Samsung! 😀


Isn’t it ironic? On one hand Apple picks up fights with Samsung and try to bring it down, while at the same time Apple is DEPENDENT on Samsung for manufacturing of their chips. I guess it’s about time that Apple accepts Samsung as an equal or perhaps even better and bigger competitor when it comes to tablets and smartphones. Lawsuits and suing each other is doing no good to anyone. They could put that money into more R&D to produce cheaper chips which could ultimately help the masses!


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