Easily Root Noir A8!

A week back, QMobile surprised (rather shocked) everyone in the tech world by launching QMobile Noir A8. It’s a dual core 1GHz phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU, 4.3 inch capacitive screen and 1GB usable internal memory (total 2GB). All these great specs just for the price of PKR 14,500.

It runs on MediaTek MT6577 chipset (SoC) which is a respectable hardware platform and includes the above CPU/GPU. This same chipset is also running on several other Chinese phones like Lenovo A789, Haipai X710d, Bird v1277, HDC S3 clone etc.

The best thing for you is, it already has been rooted! Bin4ry at XDA-Developers has created a universal rooting script for ICS and Jelly Bean devices, and it should be able to root your QMobile Noir A8 as well. Here’s how to root Noir A8:

Steps for rooting QMobile Noir A8:

  1. Download and extract this archive.
  2. Go to Settings->Security and check “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Set phone to USB debugging mode from settings and connect to PC. When Windows ask for drivers, manually choose the location of the folder Noir A8 USB ADB drivers and install the drivers.
  4. Remove the cable, turn off your phone. Connect again to PC while it’s off, it will again ask for drivers. Now install driver from the folder “Noir A8 preloader VCOM”. (Thanks to max414 from PG for driver.)
  5. Now turn it on, still keeping it in debugging mode. Navigate to folder “Root_script_by_Bin4ry_v15” and open Runme.bat. Follow the instructions (choose normal mode) and you’ll have a rooted Noir A8! Check for superuser app and it should be in the app drawer.


Now, what you intend to do with this powerful beast for its price is up to you! You can modify it the way you like, install custom launchers and many more fun stuff! If you’re running out of internal memory (though 1GB is quite a lot for apps), you can always use Link2SD with microSD card.

If you have any more questions or corrections, please comment below! Thanks.

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126 thoughts on “Easily Root Noir A8!”

  1. While in Step #4, when i select option 1 for normal mode; nothing happens. It says connect your device with USB-Debugging mode enabled now.

    My device is connected with debugging, what to do?

  2. Babar, connect your phone again in debugging mode. Does Windows ask for drivers? Open your device manager, does it show your Android device / ADB driver?

  3. Asalamulikum how r u ehtisham can u upload a vedio review about rooting noir A8.
    It will be more help ful for every one and also easily any can do it THANKS

  4. bro make a detailed video review, all benchmarks, 3d gaming, 720p videos test, and also browsing test and also show multitasking.

    thats a humble request bro
    : )

    i am waiting for the video


  5. Kindly upload the video how to root this mobile and how to install jelly bean i m new to smart phone so it will be help full full prodecure before and after rooting

  6. Guys, video for rooting procedure might be tricky as the set is rooted :/ but I’ll try to post a simulation soon!

    As far as Jelly Bean is concerned, I haven’t tried that so can’t comment yet. Qmobile might release official JB upgrade (rumors)

  7. Ali, sure the detailed video review is in the pipeline ! =] just need some time.. Meanwhile, you can watch other reviews one is on vimeo.com & other on metacafe.com

  8. Hey, I am noob when it comes to rooting and all, just put it in a nutshell for me and tell is it possible to replace the a8’s default launcher and replace it with a generic ICS rom? like the once installed on Galaxy Nexus?

  9. Sure! You can install a launcher like GO launcher Ex, Nova, Apex etc (any you like), and install ICS theme for it. You can install any many other themes too!

  10. bro..can u tell me one thing..agr main mob ko rrot kardoga to us k bd us main konsa os run horaha hoga? root hone k bd bhi ics he rahega ya nahin? waiting for ur reply bro!

  11. bro tell me one thing..root karne k bd bhi ics he rahega ya kuch changing ajaegi? wohi os aur wohi interface rahega jo default aya hai phone main!?

  12. Hy I want to get information about Noir A8
    GPS type(a-gps/gps)?
    Wi-Fi 802.11n?
    WiFi speed.
    touchscreen type.
    sensors’s list will be a big help.

  13. Faraz just rooting doesnt change OS or interface… so yes everything will be the same. You will just have all rights to modify and access all parts of the OS.

  14. Fawad, yes it has A-GPS, WiFi n standard and speed is good enough. Browser does not lag even on heavy websites.

    Sensors are: accelerometer, proximity, light sensor , magnetic field sensor, orientation sensor/gravity sensor.

  15. did you got working clockmod as it is diffcult to get this as it is paki made andriod phone so better go for stock rom because qmobile give recovery in it if we have stock rom we can go for any custom rom and if that rom doesnt work we can come back to stock rom u got it what i mean

  16. that is very difficult to got colcmod working for a8 pelase get stock rom so we can install any custom frimware in it if u have stock rom please share it

  17. I finally found a way to backup the stock ROM, basically entire phone. It can be flashed again in case something gets messed up. I’ll write a tutorial in a couple of days, stay tuned! 🙂

    And the stock recovery doesn’t support backup/restore of ROM, it just backups user data..

  18. Aamir, sorry didn’t get what first question? if this is your first, then there’s no official Jelly Bean upgrade announced so far.. and no one unofficially has ported JB yet so its not yet available.

    Arsalan sahab, bilkul chalay gi 🙂 I’ve tested GTA 3 & Asphalt 7

  19. @ehtisham:i have also noir a8.im facing some “echo in audio” problem in 2 games,nfs most wanted and rayman jungle run.there is huge echo in the audio of these 2 games.but the graphics are smooth.no lag.kindly try these 2 games and find me the solution if u find any and 2nd thing.i cant find screen proctector and bumper(back cover) for a8.did u found any?
    waiting for ur kind reply 🙂

    1. @Mobeen, I tried Rayman Jungle Run, and also facing the sound distortion/echo problem. I tried two versions and both don’t work properly.. Don’t know what’s the reason :/

  20. Mobeen, hm that’s strange.. I’ll try the games n reply back… most probably the files you downloaded are the problem… will check. And no I haven’t searched for cover/casing so can’t tell…

    @Faisal, no, at least not yet.

  21. salam. . brother ..whats the screen resolution of this mobile A8 (it should be HDPI). . .and camera picture and video quality … please please post a detailed info rather review with each and every thing would be great… thanks

    1. I’ll try for it, but need some info about your device. Install Quadrant benchmark from Play store, open “system information” in it and post all the details.

  22. when I talk on viber ,my voice is heared as robotic voice and laggy to other person.used viber on htc explorer on same wifi.on that device it works fine.kindly help

    1. @mobeen, same is happening at my end. I’m doing some experiments with audio libraries. Will let let you know the result.

      @Aryanz, I’m on fb email : ehtisham@ehtisham.com (search). Will post your rooting procedure but you’ll have to test it as I don’t have this phone…

  23. system:
    SDK version: 2.3.6
    ID: GRK39F
    OS name: linux
    os version:
    dalvik vm version: 1.4.0

    Model: A3
    product: A3
    board: goinee75cu_nand_gb2
    brand: Q mobile
    FInger print:

    Name: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)
    current freq:?
    max freq: ?
    min freq: ?
    cores: 1
    architecture: 7
    bohoMIPS: 1998.84
    Hardware: MT6575
    Revision: 10
    serial #: 0000000000000000000

    Free:4512 kb
    inactive: 92680 Kb

  24. I have successfully rooted Qmobile Noir A6 with Bin4ry Script. Yes the same that we used for Noir A8. Its working like a charm. There is NO NO NO risk. Just install online and offline device drivers. I mean first install drivers with device is On and then reinstall drivers while device is Off. Then run the script and click restore. All is done within a minute.

    Now brother Ehtesham tell me how to increase my phone speed and stuff like that?

  25. Qasir, thanks for the update! 🙂 Did you use the online/offline (ADB/VCOM) drivers from the file I posted?

    Well you can try custom launchers like the homescreen/launcher from Galaxy S3, or Xperia devices.. For this you need clockworkmod recovery (CWM). There is another way using ES File Explorer but requires a lot of manual work.

    Also try the Supercharger v6 script for ICS.

  26. He is the only one who is rooted the phone and still the reply of your question to him about online/offline (ADB/VCOM) Drivers is still awaited.

    Another problem which is being faced is that applications are not installed on external SD Card. I mean the SD Card is not being recognized and the phone storage of 2 GB is considered as SD Card.

  27. Ok, I have rooted QMobile Noir A6 following the same procedure as mentioned for Noir A8.

    However, no ROMS available and dont know how much it can be overclocked.

    Thanks Me. Ehtisham for the detailed tutorial of rooting A8.

  28. Dear Ehtesham
    Mene Rom Manager install kia hai playstore se or us me likha ha k usey use krne k lye recovery flash krni pare gi or jub mene click kia to wo A6 device show krta ha kia usey flash krna risky ha ya nhi. I mean CWM se direct recovery flash ho sakti ha kia? Jese Huawei U8180 me flash ho jati ha.

  29. rooting q-mobile a8 means what ?? why we root?? what does this given procedure do in our mobile??? reply me as soon as possible i am waiting for your reply i want to buy it.. and recommend me any other phone who is better than a8? and one more thing i want to ask that what is the benefit of dual core processor in this mobile means dual core processor advantage benefit in the mobile???

  30. Thanks Mr. Ehtisham.

    Yeah I am also waiting for ROMs and kernal. Just wondering if Cyanogenmod 9/10 may be installed but not sure about it and I am not willing to mess 🙂

  31. @Shaazil.. CM9/CM10 based romsa re very effective but on high risk. They dont even take a single time to BRICK your device. be very patient if u r willing to do so.. 🙂 wait for xda-developers to design a brick free kernel to flash CM9/CM10..

  32. @Ovais… Thanks for your reply. Totally agreed with you. the stock ROM installed in A6 is excellent, so there is no need to hurry in installing Custom ROM.

    However, the major problem being faced is that applications are installed on phone storage i.e. 2 GB and there is no way to install them on external SD card, therefore, the external SD card becomes pretty useless. I have searched on the internet but currently no way to swap the external SD card with internal storage so the internal storage can be preserved and applications will be installed on external SD card.

  33. mere se nai ho rha ko mujhe ker k de sakta hai plz i can come :'(

    plz nybody here that can root my a8

    location: Wahdat road, Lahore
    near ichra

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙁

    contact: 03434900994
    skype: mustafa.chaudhry1

  34. itsham can u please explain in detail that root kernay k faiday kia hain and i am tring to add widgets on my cell per add ni ho re , can i install custom roms from xda to this cell phone and last and least how to keep my cell fast running andriod 4.0.4

  35. Guys for CWM recovery of Noir A6, I need the stock recovery.img of the phone and some testing.. but I don’t have Noir A6 so if someone can dump the stock recovery and provide me I can try to make CWM recovery from it..

  36. @Mustafa Chaudhry, konse step me problem hai apko? Try to follow the procedure step by step or post the error here 🙂

    @Shakir Sultan, Drivers are provided in step 1. Read all the steps..

    Aur Root karne se just apko administrator rights mil jate hen. Jiska matlb you can modify any file of the OS… It is helpful in installing mods and testing your own mods… you can also install supercharger v6 script for improved performance of phone..

    But if you don’t need root then don’t root it =)

    Aur kisi dusre phone ki custom ROM is pe mat chalana cuz it will brick your phone..

  37. Dear Ehtisham, indeed you have are doing a great job and so is Qmobile. I believe that Qmobile has again planned for bluff as they have not done any marketing for A8. Many people I know do not know anything about it. Its just a specific population, either following Noir series or poeple who often visit mobile price websites. Yes, Qmobile has shocked us, actually they are launching micromax mobiles. Its an indian company who is unable to penetrate in Pakistani market. Since Qmobile is playing dominance they are selling it with an agreement with the Indian company. I am sure if a proper marketing is done and some more phones are added with reliable and assured after sales services more and more population will have access to smart phones. I am planning to buy A8 soon to play with android as I cant risk loosing my expensive branded phones.

    1. Thanks for the kind words bro 🙂 Yes indeed, A8 has managed to provide a decent Android experience at a relatively cheaper price. It is in no way inferior to any big brand Android phone up to 25k. What is needed is more development support. MTK hasn’t released any kernel sources either so that’s a hindrance.

  38. Dear Ehtisham,

    I have detected a problem with our phone, o pp with equalizer runs on our phone. I have tested all of them, they all force close. Please find the solution for it if possible. Name of some apps are PowerAmp, Rocket Music Player, Volume+, Apollo, Sony Walkman, Acid Music, etc.


  39. Dear Ehtisham,

    I have detected a problem with our phone, o pp with equalizer runs on our phone. I have tested all of them, they all force close. Please find the solution for it if possible. Name of some apps are PowerAmp, Rocket Music Player, Volume+, Apollo, Sony Walkman, Acid Music, etc.


  40. No they aren’t device specific apps, only sony walkman is ported to run on all ICS by ACID Music from XDA. Placing sony walkman in exceptional category, why are other apps not running?

  41. dear ehtisham,

    I installed font changer, and after changing two fonts, when i choosed the third one and restarted, my a8 got stuck on q mobile noir logo after the animated noir logo.
    i have tried wipe data/factory reset. But again got the same problem . is there any other way to reset it ?

    1. @Ammar, that will require drivers and kernel sources for A8. Not released by QMobile, so even if the ROM somehow boots up, many hw components won’t function..

    1. @James Bond, there are tutorials on internet. You have to modify framework-res.apk. I’ll add it to Noir A8 soon. Head over to labandroid.com for updates on this.

  42. Hy can we do this on noir a6 ..our internel storage is 500mb we can increase it too 2.5gb ????any oneeee. phone mention below has same chipset as noir a6 ??? please try ..n modify this for noir a6 …plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz any oneee

    3. Haipai i9220 Data to 2.5gb ( UPDATED ! )

    ? What is it ? 2.5gb data means never again out of storage for apps. You lose “internal sdcard”. Only useful if you have hardware sdcard

    Read more: http://droidxda.blogspot.com/2012/07/romhaipai-noble-i9220-52-inch-mtk6575.html#ixzz2Fs3RsmD3

  43. Hey everybody !

    I was very upset cuz i couldnt install any heavy game on my noir a8, i thought that it can’t support heavy graphics . But just now i succeeded in installed gta vice city for android on it, and its working awesum

  44. As Slam O Alaikum
    don’t try to install custom version of jelly bean as because you will all disappointed with this thing by loosing your control on your mobile.
    Qmobile A10, A8 both are dual Sim mobiles.
    i have the experience. so finally don’t do it.
    and Qmobile officials are not going to launch any update for these mobiles.
    So if you try it then be ready to break your device………

  45. to open blocked websites normally use Opera Mini web browser. it is opening blocked web sites
    Ultra Surf app only launched for Windows PCs.
    rooting your mobile is giving you facility to control your mobile as a developer and after root your device you can install custom version roms in android mobiles but custom roms only supporting single sim for dual sim there is no custom rom launched.
    so don’t need to root your qmobiles…….

  46. QMobile A10 Noir – Everything You Need – Rooting – CWM
    Recovery – GPS FIX
    QMobile Noir A10
    How To Root QMobile A10 Noir
    First of all Lets start with the root process.
    1. Download the following file.
    2. Enable USB Debugging on your device to do that goto
    Settings>Development>USB Debugging
    3. Connect your device to any laptop/PC and install drivers using
    4. Unzip the root tool downloaded above.
    5. Change the Mode of your device from USB Storage to Media
    Device to proceed further.
    6. Run the Runme.bat file as shown below.
    7. A command prompt with green letters will come up on your
    8. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully. To start off, you willl
    need to type in a “1” and press enter.
    Note: If you ever want to Unroot your QMobile A10, follow the above
    steps till you reach this one and then, instead of typing “1”, type “x”
    and hit enter. Follow the instructions that appear on the command
    prompt after that.
    9. Your device will reboot during the process after which Bin4ry will
    copy some files to your device.
    10. When the green letters in the command prompt says Have Fun!,
    then… Have fun.
    That means, your device is rooted now and you can enjoy Superuser
    Install CWM Recovery on QMobile Noir A10
    1. Download cwm recovery from the given link
    2. Extract it, rename it to recovery.img & transfer it to the root of
    your SD Card.
    3. Download and install MobileUncle MTK Tools from Google Play
    Store and run it.
    4. Select the option recovery update from the application and when
    it ask for path guide it to the location where u copied the
    downloaded recovery file.
    5. It will install and upon successfull installation it will ask you to
    reboot into recovery, select OK to go to newly insalled cwm recovery
    to confirm the installation.
    6. If anything goes wrong you can download and install Stock
    Recovery For QMobile Noir A10 by using the above mentioned
    process again to revert back all the changes.
    GPS Fix For QMobile Noir A10 for faster Lock
    1. First of all you need a rooted QMobile Noir A10.
    2. Download the modified gps.conf file from Here.
    3. Browse to system/etc using root explorer and mount the system
    as read / write using the button present on top right of screen.
    4. You will find a file gps.conf already present in the folder. Rename
    that file to gps.conf.bak, it will act as a backup for the original file.
    5. Unzip the file you downloaded in Step 2, and copy the extracted
    gps.conf file to system/etc.
    6. Reboot your Qmobile Noir A10.
    7. Download GPS Test from Google Play Store and test your GPS
    now. (activate your gps first)
    You will notice the improvement in getting GPS Lock Now…..

  47. @Sajid, bro it works. You need to follow the instructions properly.
    Thanks. That CWM is a port of Micromax A110 right?

    @Others, congrats! :]

    So far no method has worked on Noir A2..

  48. hy waqar and ehtisham,, nice work buddies…. i successfully root my q-mobile a-8,, now i was working to remove gps problem,, but unable to find a solution,, unable to find gps.cong in system/etc folder,,,, i guess there are some differences in method of gps fixation in a8 and a10,,,, would you guys be kind enough to tell me a solution to increase performance of a8 gps,,

  49. Bro main ne mobile root kardi hai ab mere mobile me 3 partitions hain (1) Eternal (2) Phone storage (3) SD Card, ab sari apps eternal mein install Hi rahi gain aur kya mujhe apps phone storage me install karni hai kya n karu plz

  50. Bro, I’ve rooted my A8 Noir, ab mere mobile me 3 partitions hain (1) Eternal (2) Phone storage (3) SD Card, ab sari apps eternal mein install Hi rahi gain aur kya mujhe apps phone storage me install karni hai kya n karu plz

  51. Bro, I’ve rooted my A8 Noir, ab mere mobile me 3 partitions hain (1) Eternal (2) Phone storage (3) SD Card, ab sari apps eternal mein install Ho rahi hain aur mujhe apps phone storage me install karni hai kya n karu plz

  52. Bro, I’ve rooted my A8 Noir, ab mere mobile me 3 partitions hain (1) Eternal (2) Phone storage (3) SD Card, ab sari apps eternal storage mein install Ho rahi hain aur mujhe apps phone storage me install karni hai kya n karu plz

  53. please bro reply karo main apps phone storage ne install karna chahta hu magr apps eternal mein aur SD card mein ho rahi hain baki jo 2gb phone storage dia hua hai wo kis kaam ka hai plz reply

  54. friends qmobile a6 main manage application m sirf phone storage show hota hai card nahi or ye game ki data file b jab read karta hai agr wo phone storage m hon card m hon to read nahi karta esa q? koi solution k agr hum card m data put karen to ye read kary q k phone storage to bus 2gb hai or agr heavy games karty hain unka data 1 gb or above hota hai plz reply and mene vlc and file locker install kia hai wo b bus phone storage show kar rhy hain card nahi agr songs phone m hpngy to vlc m show hongy warna nahi why? any solution plz?

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