Launch of

I was feeling the need for a dedicated platform where Pakistani coders and enthusiasts can unite and provide development/modding support for Android phones. Particularly those, which are not usually supported at international platforms like XDA-Developers.

The response I received after the rooting and CWM posts of Noir A8 was very positive. These phones have made it easy for youth to get a taste of decent smartphones at a relatively cheaper price. They’re in no way inferior, are powered by open source Android OS but what they do lack is development support.

So in hopes of building a development and modding community which can contribute things like custom ROMs, kernels, mods, performance improvements etc., I have launched Lab Android.

From now on, all posts related to Android, QMobile Noir A8, Noir A6, Noir A10 and rest of the MediaTek based phones will come live on

I’ve posted the procedure to backup stock ROM of Noir A8 and stock recovery there. Check it out and contribute if you can. 🙂

If you can code, develop, write, and want to volunteer, you can join the team. 🙂

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Ehtisham Siddiqui

Blogger and a techie. WordPress, cricket and aviation freak. Love traveling!

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