KPK Laptop Scheme: List of Students (All Universities)

List of selected students of all universities has been uploaded and can be accessed via the links mentioned below in the post. Under this laptop scheme, termed as “Naway Sahar” by the KPK government, a total of approximately 23,000 to 24,000 laptops will be distributed among the students who were short-listed on the basis of their GPAs.

The laptops are rumored to be Dell Inspiron 14 3420, equipped with Intel Core i3 CPU, 500GB HDD and 2GB RAM.

Students List For Laptop Scheme (University Wise):

If anyone has received it already, please confirm the above mentioned specs.


According to a comment posted by Shahrukh in the comments section below, University of Peshawar (UoP) will start distribution in the first week of March.

UET Peshawar will receive the laptops before 28th February and they will be distributed AFTER each and every laptop is tested to be functioning as per specs. That means distribution most likely in March.

This also indicates other universities will most likely distribute them in early March, but there is no single confirmed date for any university.

For students of KMU, KUST and rest of the universities’ which don’t have a list yet: It is not given by the government and will be added to this post as soon as it’s made available!

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205 thoughts on “KPK Laptop Scheme: List of Students (All Universities)”

  1. Salam, Afghani students are also included or is it only for pakistani students? my name is included in list. i m supposed to keep afghan refugee card with me? plz reply

  2. Is this final list of the students ? or they will select students from this list?
    And i’m underage so i’hve my own Form B no NIC so wht should i do? n plz tell me the date on which month they will distribute it in Im|sciences university?

  3. @Sundus: What university? 3.58 is your CGPA or previous semester’s GPA? The one mentioned in list could be the combined GPA of Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters, which is the case in my uni as well.

  4. @shan: Nope exact date not known. That’ll depend on your university.

    @Sami: Your department/uni will decide further sub selection, but it should be the final one. Regarding NIC, tell your uni’s administration you only have computerized form B. But to be on the safe side, you can apply for URGET CNIC from any NADRA office and get it within 7-10 days..

    @waqar: not available yet.. :/

    1. @Aftab: Sad :/.. it’s your university to blame.. because each university forwarded its own compiled list.. You may want to contact your administration regarding it!

  5. punjab walo ne abi dosri phase me 100000 laptops ka elan kia hai aur hamare 25000 abi distribute nhi hue,afsoos hai yaar..wat are you doing guys in there..

  6. AoA.. Ehtisham sahib..Please tell me the confirm date on which laptops will be distributed in Islamia College University, Peshawar, if its in ur knowledge.
    and also, will we have to submit attested photocopies of CNIC and DMC before or on the same date on which laptops will be distributed?
    will be grateful….

    1. @Sami Ullah: Exact date unknown, as they’re in the process of distribution/testing. Keep your CNIC copy ready, it might be asked for by your uni’s administration any time.

      @Saad: Nope

  7. ASsalam O ALaikum Sir. I just wanted to ask that the list u have uploaded ova here , and the names included are supposed to be awarded laptops ? these students will get laptops who r named in list … ? ty …

  8. IM|Sciences Administration have removed all those Selected Students From Laptop Scheme who had availed any type of Scholarship throughout their Degree program. Students are Suffering and Most of the Students (80%), are availing need-based Scholarships , who are very poor and cannot afford even their Tuition fee. Do the poor Students who are Talented Does not Deserves Laptop????

  9. I am the student of BS(Computer Science) 7th semester at Islamia College University Peshawar and my C GPA is 3.2 mean 80%
    sir plz tell me that the students those are present in the merit list that all of them will be given laptops or not

    1. @ALL: Exact date of distribution is not known, and it will vary as well by university and department. Your administration might check laptops first before distribution.

      @Rasheed: It should be the final list, unless your department/uni decides to make their own criteria. Just like Bilal Jadoon mentioned, IM|Sciences is not giving it to those people who have availed any scholarship.

  10. University of Peshawar will distribute in first week of March. All students who are eligible and their names are present in the list will have to provide CNIC and DMC copies.
    Gomal university also distribute laptops in March but date in not confirmed yet.
    Medical college criteria is 60% but there are some rumors that laptops will distributed in top 3 position holder of each college.

  11. Gomal University students can check their names in academic section.
    Those students who are taking any type of scholarship or supply holder aren’t eligible for laptops.
    Minimum Criteria for medical students is 60%.

  12. plz somebody can tl me why MSc (two year program) and Mphil studnts are excluded from this scheme… i think laptop z very helpful 4r such level of study… but i don”t know why z this hapening..

  13. For KMU students: Criteria for medical/annual system is minimum 60% marks/GPA. The date of distribution or students list is not announced by the government/KMU..

    For KUST/Other unis: Same as above.. if something gets disclosed by the government, it’ll be added to the post.. so till yet, no news of list/distribution

  14. Assalam o alaikum sir I have heard that the govt have decided to only give laptops to the students having minimum of 75 percentage.b4 the criteria 4 bs students was 70 so just wanted to confirm if it’s true or no not Ty ……And may I have any info regarding the distribution date 4 swat uni…..

  15. Gomal uni will distribute laptops in march but i’m not confirmed about date, i think it will 2nd week of march. some student think it willn’t distribute in march because of papers.

  16. I also read this news criteria of laptops is 75% for BS programs and 65% percent for annual system and students who are enrolled in 5 years and 2 years programs aren’t eligible for laptops. but universities received letter in which criteria for BS is 70% and annual 60% and pharmacy and dvm students names are also included in list.

  17. criteria of laptops is any student who is taking any scholarship isn’t eligible for laptops.
    my brother top his college in medical mbbs prof part 1 and he take merit scholarship becoz he is topper. is he eligible for laptop. his name is present in list of Gomal medical college and first name is my brother name but name is highlighted. why name is highlighted yellow?

  18. asal zarorat to phd scholors and ms walo ko ha bs walo ne sirf laptops par films dakhni hainaur ziyada se ziyada bechna ha. Bs walo ka koe kaam bhi nhe ha phr bhi bs walo ko dya ja rhy hain.
    engginering students ka to chalo koe kaam hu skta ha baqaio ka kia kaam hoga

  19. Ye jo laptops dell 14 3420 day rhy hain. agar market se ye lu to integrated graphic hota ha ab ye jo day rhy hain bs is mein bhi hu warna games ka maza nhe hoga .. asal maza to games khelny ka ha

  20. The undertaking and rules of Naway Sahar Scheme state that one must not have received laptop under any other schoarlship scheme.

    It doesn’t mention if one is receiving a general scholarship he’s not eligible! so confusion here.
    And yes, private institutions are not eligible. But I wonder why IMSciences was included, I guess it’s semi-government then o_O

  21. @Shahrukh: Sorry, I beg to differ. Why do you think Bachelor students don’t have any need of laptops? That’s absurd.

    No, students don’t watch movies only!! Engineering & CS students have to do each and everything on computers now, from CAD tools to programming, to designing of digital systems to simulation of systems and circuits.

    Also, other disciplines have their own uses from research purposes to ebooks.

    Yes, MS/PhD students also deserve laptops as their work also require the use of it, but it’s not wise to state BS students watch only movies on computers.

  22. @Ehtisham: I am sorry if my words hurts you but most of students used laptops only for games and watch movies. only 10% used laptops, computer and mobiles properly or for good reason. even most of students also used internet to download songs movies and for FACEBOOK.
    Those students who are submitting comment in this blog, i am sure they use internet and computer for good purpose.

  23. hello ehtisham bhi mae islamia college university mai ho or B.S 2nd semester mai ho or mera name second list mai hai. to second list kb aye ga

  24. Salam….These are 25000 laptops and will be given to each student mentioned in the list.By counting the whole students the total students are about 22000 and the number of laptops are more,so dont worry and cogrates to those all student who are listed…thanks

  25. Mghy lagta ha is feb mein sb uni ko laptops mily gay and next mnth mein distribute kry gay.
    Kiunk jtni uni ha un sb ko yehi letter mila ha k 28 feb tk apko laptops mil jaey gay.

  26. shahrukh khan sahab.. khair tou hai kounsy jalan ho rahy hai apko.. tankeed kaarna bohat asaan hai ,, es mulk ka kounsa nizaam hai jo thek hai????? bht fikar lagy jai agar apko tou ap apnay walay kisi ko de dena.. ok


    1. @Arif: Yes, on 4th semester’s GPA. But maybe each department enforce their own criteria.

      @Sania and Mehtab: According to my info private universities are not included. COMSATS, FAST, CECOS, GIKI, Iqra etc etc are all private universities and the government only allocated funds for government universities.

      It is sad and you too should have been included, but they didn’t allocate that many laptops to accommodate private unis :/

  28. List is same for Shaheed Benazir BhuttoWomen University, Peshawar and
    Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal, Dir …..why is that so??????
    the 1 in peshawar is only for women. plz chk

  29. Notification for Pending Students

    Dear All those Students who are in the Eligible Laptop Distribution List:

    The Director Admission office responsible for the distribution of laptops communicated in response to the query of eligible students forwarded by us , that after the completion of pending formalities of those students (Attested copies of Transcripts/ DMCs/NIC) the Laptop distribution function will be held most probably in the 1st week of March. So all those students who are in the eligible list of Laptop Distribution and not provided the attested documents as mentioned above are advised to full fill the requirement to the office of the Director of Admissions which may have been communicated to the students having the deficiency as mentioned above.

    Social Network Admin
    University of Peshawar

  30. Ehtisham saab , apky website par abdul wali khan university ka student egligible for laptop scheme avalible nahi hy . click karny par islamia college ky students ka list open hojata hy, plz upload abdul wali khan list plzzzz plzzzz and i am waiting for you reply thnx

  31. My father was put wrong here now where should i contact i talk to my department they told me its not matter we will correct it before the distribution….. reply plzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Uni of Peshawar ko laptops 10 din pehle mil chuke hai but abi tak sirf ye pata b nai chala k kis date ko distribute honge… Any 1 know the reason… DMC or NIC copies ka last date Admission section ne 22 Feb bataya tha lekin per b abi tak laptops distribute nai kar sake…

    Uni of Peshawar ne khud ye kaha hai k laptops March k 1st week mai distribute honge… Dekhte hai k aage kia bahana banate hai…

  33. how come they gave laptops to teachers of awku. these were only for students. They arent giving to masters students but giving to teachers which is actually not fair.

  34. why the private instittions are not the part of this scheme well there is not a talented students are some thing else.

    necessery for government to review on his scheme and include private universities in this scheme.
    the advantage of this both will be motivated other wise students conflict are occured b/w private and Government Universities students and the education will be disturb.

  35. Salam,,,,Im studing in Abbsyn Uni Peshawar Ring Road Branch,,,Doing BCs Honors with an 3.2 CGPA ….But icant See any news related to it

  36. Dear All those Students who are in the Eligible Laptop Distribution List : Uni Of Peshawar

    The laptops distribution function will be held on or before 10th of March…
    Regards: Admission Section(UOP)

  37. hi i am aamir sultan from kohat university in our uni laptops are only given to BS students ,i am student of MCS i got 3GPA in last semster,and i also got 3.20Gpa now but they not giving us laptop,so i pls request you to also give us laptop thankzzzzzzz

  38. i belongs to kpk and studying in NUST so any contact of this scheme becoz students of kpk studying in federal uni should also be given laptop… so if any one has contact of the authrity kindly send it to me.. so that i may fight for such students….

  39. whats going on,,CM inaugrates before a 10th of february.n until the administration didn,t distibute…KINDLY someone tells me the acceptable date of LAPTOP distribution…


  40. Salam shahrukh bhai i m private student and got 362 marks out of 500 which is 72% in Msc ecnomics m i eligible for laptop ????

  41. IS se bari na ahli hamari hakoomat ki kia ho sakti hay ke research students ko laptop nahi de gaye aur aam bachlors ko laptop diye gaye.may ye nahi kah raha ke in ko nahi dainay chahiye .ye in ka bi haq banta hay lekin agar m phil aur phd ke students ko di jati pahlay to ye bahut acha hota.

  42. afghan students who have afghan citizen cards and their name are included will they get laptops or not and should they present afghan citizen orignal cards on distribution date

    Sir I am a regular student of B-Tech in BZU Multan,I have got 76% marks in Diploma of Civil Engineering and I am Eligible for this Schme Please Check this.

  44. salam.
    what will be the matter of students that are scholarship holder from USAID teacher education program? this is not a government scholarship.

  45. Ehtisham i am not studying in University of peshwar directly . i am doing B .com and my degree awarding body is UoP . Am i eligible for that. My last Exam percentage was 64 %

  46. aoa ehtishaam bro. the list of gomal university, dera ismail khan has been uploaded and can b checked out on the gomal uni official website..

  47. is scheme mein sbse ziyada buri baat ye ha k ye laptops only un students ko diya ja rhy hain jink last term mein 70% se ziyada hu. Overall result pa nhe dya ja rhy hain. is se wo students buht ziyada disheart huay hain jink overall marks to 80% se above ha lakin last term mein kisi wajh se 70% marks nhe lay sky. Agr govt ne laptop dana he thy to overall par he daty.
    Laptop ki kuch lists mein wo students include ha jin ki kisi na kisi term mein supply ha lkin is last term mein wo 70% lay gaey aur kuch students jinki na supply ha na kuch and 80% se ziyada marks bhi lakin last term mein 70% marks nhe lay sky wo include nhe hain.

  48. @ALL: If you are from another province or are NOT a regular student of government universities, you are not eligible under this scheme as far as I know. So KPK students studying in NUST or UoP students not studying regularly in the campus are not eligible.

    Also, government did not include Masters and PhD students which is sad as well.

  49. Also, laptops are received by most of the universities. They will be distributed shortly. The wait is because all laptops are undergoing a CHECKING process, so that no one gets a FAULTY laptop.

    @Fahim: Thanks for the Gomal Uni update =]

  50. salam to all ,kindly brothers guide me accordingly if you have any info: about laptop distribution to DVM students, is there any person of DVM who has received the laptop.

  51. sorry
    Sir mujy ye kehty hoi bahot afsos ho rahar hy keh es sceme me MPhil walo ko q ne shamil kea gea hakan keh research me or Theseus me to ap eske important janty hen !
    Ap sb ko den per esa to na kren ap ko pata ho ga keh punjab me MPhill walo ko 100% laptop mely thy to pher KPK me esa q why ???????

  52. wah wah g CM and VC of awkum……..kitna juth bola tha foundation day par ………wo aap k 2 din kaha gay jis pay aap laptop taqseem karnay walay thy…..koi is tarah bhi bay dardi say joth bolta hay………….

  53. @ Shahrukh yar main ne bht se universities ki list main 2008-12 k sessions k nam daikhy hain. ye to hamary sath na insafi hai. hmain mil k court jana hai. kon mera sath day ga????
    oar DVM oar Pharmacy waly koi students ni hai kya? baqi universities main 5 years program walon ko b day rhy hain

  54. I am Ghulam sadiq from kohat university of science and technology.
    I have a question in mind Which is that why the laptop is not available for MASTER Students.As the laptop is only for BS students.

  55. me from university of malakand laptops has been reached to our university before two weeks but up till now, no single laptop distributed. whats going on…………

  56. salam g how r u?? ye totally injustice ha k pesh uni k sb depts me aik jaisa gpa criteria nai ha… baki sb depts me 2.4 walo ko b 70% marks consider kia gaya ha ar hm economics dept walo ka 3.24 ko 70% consider kia gaya ha .. hamara 3.0 wala gpa wala b es list me include nai… kia hamara dept itna gira para ha k es ka 3.24 dusre dept k 2.4 k equalant ha… kia kia jaye lakin hamre dept k chair man ar baqi sb ko es pe action lene chahiye… lakin wo hain k bas apne hi gham me doobe huwe ha,…

  57. Totally injustice with students enrolled in Master. I could not get whether what could be the sense behind granting laptops just only to the student of Medical, BS and student within the university departments. In general student of commerce, business administration, engineering and computer science are mostly remain in touch with computer regarding their practical assignment on computer, besides this such technical field require more hard work and devotion to success. Student of BS and especially Medical nomination openly yield lack of technical thinking and discrimination in laptop granting scheme.
    The Government of kpk can not reach to the status of punjab which distributed Laptops only on merit basis, which is on record. A student like me can only be disappointed on such lavish and what is called BANDAR BANT attitude of this government , I can claim that their was a political interest in marketing this scheme, and this government had never been sincere to encourage student, it was a game to get fame. I would be looking forward to get support in favor of my thoughts. This would mean we deserved but been neglected. Tauqeer Ahmad, Government College of Management Science, Peshawar.

  58. sir! Kpk k jin students ne 2012 ma Hazara university Mansehra se ke ho aur ab QAU se ya kisi dusry province se Masterz kr rhen hain, kia unhen b laptop milen gy?

  59. salam ehtisham brother… me app se ye poochna chahta hoo k HAZARA uni ko jo laptops provide ki gayi hain iss me un collleges k students ko laptops mileengi jo hazara uni k sat affiliated hain k nahi…… DEGREE CLG #1 abbottabad me takreebn sub subjects me B.S start hain jo k hazara uni k sat affiliated hain….to kiya degree clg abbottabad ko laptop scheem me shamil kiya gaya hain k nahi?

  60. anyone know when laptop will distribute in Malakand university. We students are totally confuse till now no single laptop is distribute and uni receive 700 laptop on 1 march. If any one have any information text me please 03419000341

  61. sir i am student of software engg at university of malakand chakdara the names present in this list of our deptt students are only above 80% but crieteria is 70%….. whats problem ? my percentage is 75%

  62. Respected Sir;
    i belong to swabi. i am doing electronics engg from iqra university islamabad. i belong to a medium class family. also i am final year student and my cgpa is 3.39. i need a laptop. kindly give me a laptop.
    i will pray for u..
    Regards: Muhammad Luqman

  63. To hell with this scheme. I got 3.9 Cgpa in from Quaid-e-Azam college of commerce UOp in 2013 and they are not giving laptop to these student. I asked why? Whats the fault of these students. Why are you discriminating these student from other. Are we not eligible? Pak govt is blind

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