Troubleshooting: Is It You or a Glitch?

Had an early morning start to the day, went for a jog and after having a shwarma in the breakfast, started working on a few projects. Just as I thought it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon, stumbled upon my blog and found the menus totally vanished!

Not a problem, I said to myself; setting them up in the menu editor would fix it like a magic wand! Next second I was in the new dashboard, trying to assign the menus:

Menus had changed to “Default Menu”.

I set the Primary and Social Links Menu to the appropriate items and hit the Save button. This should’ve fixed it, right? Refreshed my blog but disappointment! No emergence of the menus so far. Must be a browser issue; after all, I had about 150 tabs open in Chrome! Off I went to my trusted Firefox, repeated the exercise, but apparently, luck wasn’t on my side.

By now I had a feeling that the new dashboard must be the culprit. Classic editor to the rescue! Here I was trying to apply the menus to their appropriate locations:


After selecting the corresponding menus, hitting Save Changes was showing the all-clear ‘locations updated’ message. But did you notice something? The ‘Assigned Menu’ column was still asking me to select a menu, whereas it should’ve shown the name of the assigned menus. That was it—if even the classic editor is giving up on me, I knew it has to be an internal glitch.

Off I went to the support forum, where usually I try to help out awesome fellow bloggers, but I needed their help today (that’s how brotherhood works!). And there I saw the same issue being reported in mass numbers; a flux of threads on header images getting disappeared, CSS customizations vanishing and even menus turning into Arabic!

That’s when I realized it’s not specific to my site, it’s neither me nor my browser, rather a site-wide issue. A sigh of relief, I knew engineers would be on their way and must be trying their best to fix the glitch.

And that’s what happened too, one of the Staff replied on the main thread that the issue was due to an update which is now fixed. It indeed was; things were automatically restored and back to normal.

Made me think, must be a tough job to not only maintain the codebase and configuration but also provide timely support to an enormous user base. The geographical distribution of their team is of a big help here I believe—this issue occurred when North America is deep asleep, Asia and Europe is awake!

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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: Is It You or a Glitch?”

    1. It indeed was, Renard. 🙂 Just a random post and about how I generally troubleshoot problems. Sometimes you think you’re doing it wrong, but the issue could be the platform and not you. 😀

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