Projection of Lines and Planes – Engineering Drawing Presentations

    Engineering Drawing and Graphics

  • Projection Of Planes – Inclined to one plane, inclined to both the planes
  • Projection of Lines – inclined to one plane, inclined to both the planes

These topics can be confusing for many engineering students who are taking the engineering drawing course. Key to understanding these concepts is to VISUALIZE them. I know visualization of such things is not very easy, as I too have gone through this. It was very confusing for me, and it still is! But once you manage to visualize them, it becomes somewhat easy to solve any problem given to you.

These presentations / power point slides will help immensely in visualizing and grasping the concepts involved.

These presentations include:

Projection of planes
Projection of lines.


Click here to download the slides

P.S. I must say thanks to Umair Khan who helped me in understanding the projection of lines – inclined to both the planes ! 🙂

IP Classes

OK, let me confess. I too was quite confused about IP classes and how exactly the classification is done. But after watching this video, it feels like the thing was piece of cake.

Check it out:



Now that you know how will you investigate a given IP address, why not try to analyze your OWN IP address that is currently assigned to you by PTCL or Linkdotnet , or whatever ISP you are using?

Find your own IP address at


If you are using PTCL DSL, it will start from either 119 or 116. Do the rest on your own


I’ve been thinking to start writing  since 2006. Oh its been four years now. I did start a couple of blogs but then couldn’t give time to them. Damn I’m lazy!

I had some other plans for this new blog. Wanted to register a Top-Level-Domain (TLD) which was available when I whois’d it, but in few days time someone else registered it. Again, my own fault.. Why did I have to procrastinate?

Anyway I’ll try posting stuff here until I get my desired domain. Hopefully.