About Me

Hey there!

I’m Ehtisham – a tech blogger, cricket nut, open source evangelist, security enthusiast and an avid traveler!

I work for Automattic – the folks behind WordPress.com. Occasionally, I blog/volunteer at LabAndroid and at The Express Tribune, though I volunteer just for my interests there.

Helping out others who’re struggling with something, particularly with technology like a computer problem, setting up a website, WordPress blog or phone modding is what I love to do and that’s why you’ll find me writing tutorials on several topics; ranging from Android modification to geo-targeting your website visitors. I’ve also volunteered for solving civic problems (like governance) via technology and open source apps.

I’ve been through many phases myself; from being a total newbie to a position where I can say that I know and can do at least something (it’s a vast ocean out there, impossible to conquer all!). Learned to code during my university days, and got into information security as well, thanks to IRC channels and ended up doing some security pentests including those for my university. Personality-wise I’m the curious type; asking and exploring will never bore me.

Open Source Awesomeness

My particular affinity with the Android OS (based on Linux) and the WordPress blogging platform is mostly due to the ideology that they share and follow, that is, open source software. The world will always be in debt to all those coders, designers, translators and any sort of contributors who make open source projects possible.

The smartphone wave that has hit every part of the globe, even the economically poor countries, may not have been possible without the low-priced Android phones, which now cost as low as $60. Hardware manufacturers don’t have to pay high premiums to get the software working on their devices, thus reducing the costs substantially. Coming to the web aspect, making blogs, websites and even web stores has become as easy as a click now, thanks to the free WordPress software which can be modified and powered up from the collection of thousands of plugins for your use-case. Many other free and open source projects are powering the soul of the internet; from Linux, Git, to Firefox.

I too try to play my part in contributing to the open source movement. Trying to translate WordPress and some of its themes to Urdu language is fun. Last year me along with a group of friends made a smartphone application which can be used to report, track and map electricity theft in our country, and made it open source so that it can be replicated and used elsewhere.

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