List of KMU Students for KPK Laptop Scheme Naway Sahar

This is the list of selected students for Naway Sahar laptop scheme of Khyber Medical University (KMU) including all its government institutes like KMC, KGMC, KCD, KIMS, AMC, Gomal Medical College and the rest. Links for each institute of Khyber Medical University are listed below.

For the list of students from rest of the universities, please open this link. For details regarding specs of laptop and distribution dates, scroll below.

You will also have to fill and submit an undertaking available here. According to this, you cannot sell your laptop received under this laptop scheme. Continue reading List of KMU Students for KPK Laptop Scheme Naway Sahar

KPK Laptop Scheme: List of Students (All Universities)

List of selected students of all universities has been uploaded and can be accessed via the links mentioned below in the post. Under this laptop scheme, termed as “Naway Sahar” by the KPK government, a total of approximately 23,000 to 24,000 laptops will be distributed among the students who were short-listed on the basis of their GPAs.

The laptops are rumored to be Dell Inspiron 14 3420, equipped with Intel Core i3 CPU, 500GB HDD and 2GB RAM.

Students List For Laptop Scheme (University Wise):

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Video for Welcome Party – DCSE

Well, made this video (first video ever) in a hurry for welcome party that we (batch 12) had organized for batch 13, computer systems engineering department, UET Peshawar. Party was on 29th Feb. and I was working till 4AM that night.

Choosing the right soundtrack for the right sequence took most of the time. I think still the choice of soundtracks wasn’t the best.

Background music for starting intro I took from a video on YouTube. The acoustic guitar music which starts afterwards, when we’re coming in towards the camera I took from this video:

Guy is really talented. There was another cool beat I chose produced by Alam Khan of Pukhtunez but at the final moment went with the current one.

The second track starts with DCSE events & achievers, and is from the movie Top Gun. Chose this one, because I’m in love with Top Gun, its tracks and jets 😛

Third track is of Pirates of The Caribbean, pretty obvious. Software that I used for video editing is Sony Vegas Pro.

The actual video is:

Breadboard Simulator

Well, its late but not too late! Still have a few hours left in Circuits & Systems-I Lab exam! Time to practice what we didn’t do the whole semester, that is, to implement the circuits on a breadboard, LoL! Its funny how the exams force us to complete the whole course content of a semester in one day; in many cases, just a few hours 😛

So in pursuit of finding a virtual breadboard, I found this extremely useful breadboard simulator, which you can use to implement circuits of your choice, and it lets you see how the actual circuit will look like.

That is, you make the connections on a breadboard, and it will show you its circuit diagram and how all the components are connected – very handy because you can get confused at times while connecting components on the board and can’t figure out what part is in series, in parallel or is it even connected or not!

The software is called Fritzing. Download it from HERE

The PSpice circuit simulation software can be downloaded from: HERE

Projection of Lines and Planes – Engineering Drawing Presentations

    Engineering Drawing and Graphics

  • Projection Of Planes – Inclined to one plane, inclined to both the planes
  • Projection of Lines – inclined to one plane, inclined to both the planes

These topics can be confusing for many engineering students who are taking the engineering drawing course. Key to understanding these concepts is to VISUALIZE them. I know visualization of such things is not very easy, as I too have gone through this. It was very confusing for me, and it still is! But once you manage to visualize them, it becomes somewhat easy to solve any problem given to you.

These presentations / power point slides will help immensely in visualizing and grasping the concepts involved.

These presentations include:

Projection of planes
Projection of lines.


Click here to download the slides

P.S. I must say thanks to Umair Khan who helped me in understanding the projection of lines – inclined to both the planes ! 🙂

IP Classes

OK, let me confess. I too was quite confused about IP classes and how exactly the classification is done. But after watching this video, it feels like the thing was piece of cake.

Check it out:



Now that you know how will you investigate a given IP address, why not try to analyze your OWN IP address that is currently assigned to you by PTCL or Linkdotnet , or whatever ISP you are using?

Find your own IP address at


If you are using PTCL DSL, it will start from either 119 or 116. Do the rest on your own