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Well, its late but not too late! Still have a few hours left in Circuits & Systems-I Lab exam! Time to practice what we didn’t do the whole semester, that is, to implement the circuits on a breadboard, LoL! Its funny how the exams force us to complete the whole course content of a semester in one day; in many cases, just a few hours 😛

So in pursuit of finding a virtual breadboard, I found this extremely useful breadboard simulator, which you can use to implement circuits of your choice, and it lets you see how the actual circuit will look like.

That is, you make the connections on a breadboard, and it will show you its circuit diagram and how all the components are connected – very handy because you can get confused at times while connecting components on the board and can’t figure out what part is in series, in parallel or is it even connected or not!

The software is called Fritzing. Download it from HERE

The PSpice circuit simulation software can be downloaded from: HERE

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