What Do You Do When Your Laptop Gets Fried?

It can happen. It has happened, to many a great warriors, and now to me as well, a mere mortal. Just when I was starting to wonder—why my laptop hasn’t malfunctioned since the time I bought it? Why am I so lucky? That was the moment. Evil eye struck. My own!

Honestly, laptops getting fried is a scary reality, but how you take it is what matters. The loss can be catastrophic, especially if it takes along your storage media as well, roasting it to nothing but a toast. People, by virtue of being humans, have different instinctive reactions to such events. It may trigger the fight or flight response in some, and while I can’t speak for others, I can tell you what my reaction was.

I was frying a cheese omelette, just a few minutes later. I had never fried a cheese omelette before in my life. So what do you do when your laptop gets fried? Personally, I fry a cheese omelette!

I’m glad I didn’t panic, as it does nothing but add stress when you should rather be calm. The best method of dealing with bad situations is to think. You can’t think if you’re not calm, and both are never mutually exclusive. From dealing with anger issues to responding to a rude comment on an online forum, if you remain calm, everything will start to fall back into place.

So coming back, I was done having my self-cooked, delicious cheese omelette, and the energy that it provided me with, I spent it on taking my laptop to a technician who was able to fix it. They say they invented Cloud for a reason. You can’t possibly realize its importance unless you go through this!

In a nutshell, when life gives you lemons, keep them in a refrigerator and cook something delicious.